Getting Started with Appwrite’s Client and Server SDKs

In the first chapter of this book we learned to setup and configure Appwrite. We also learned to troubleshoot our Appwrite instance if we run into any issues. Now that we have an Appwrite instance setup and ready for us to use, we are ready to integrate Appwrite with our applications. So in this chapter we will learn in detail how we can integrate Appwrite’s SDKs with various services. We will also provide tips for when you want to connect to Appwrite using REST API directly (though not required) instead of using SDKs.

What you will learn in this chapter?

  1. Types of Appwrite integration
  2. Server Side SDKs
  3. Client Side SDKs

Technical Requirements

In order to take most advantage out of the chapter you need to have access to following setup.

  1. Appwrite setup and accessible via localhost, custom domain or IP address.
  2. Setup for languages and frameworks that you want to integrate Appwrite with
  3. Text editor of your choice (Visual Studio Code recommended)