Installation & Troubleshooting

By the end of this chapter you will learn what Appwrite is and why is it important for developers. You will also understand how Appwrite helps you to build robust applications rapidly. You will also learn to install and troubleshoot Appwrite locally for development as well as for production. Finally, you will learn to setup Appwrite for production use by updating configurations to make it suitable for your production needs.

In this chapter we will cover the following main topics

  • Introduction to Appwrite
  • Installing Appwrite Locally or in Cloud
  • Understanding Appwrite Environment Configurations
  • Configuring Appwrite for Production
  • Troubleshooting Appwrite Issues

Technical Requirements

To learn the contents of this chapter effectively, you will need following resources

  • Docker 20.10 or later
  • Docker compose 2.2 or later
  • Basic knowledge of working with command line
  • Basic knowledge and understanding docker and docker compose (